EXPOSED: Top 3 Tricks Credit ‘Gurus’ Use For Ultra Fast Credit Repair

A lot of people ask me what my top 3 strategies are for fast credit repair – over the years, I have used the three tricks below to get amazing results when it comes to raising credit scores. Several years ago, I personally used them to raise my credit score from a 418 to well over a 100 point jump in just 30 days, and have helped many people since then get theirs up as well. I hope you can use them to your benefit too!

#1 – Ask For Forgiveness

A lot of people don’t do this enough, but they should. Here is the strategy… simply call the credit account that is reporting “less than favorable” info, and ask them to be cool and remove it.

This works really well for late payments, which can wreak havoc on your credit score.

Just call up the credit card company (or whoever) and explain to them that you just ordered a copy of your credit report and noticed that there was a reported late payment from you on it. Play dumb and ask when it was and have them get the info for you. Once they do, just be as polite as possible and explain times are tough right now, and it would help you immensely if there was any way they could get that removed – you’ll be surprised at how often this trick works.

Also, if it doesn’t work the first time – call back. A lot of times you are at the mercy of the rep on the other end of the phone line – if they are in a bad mood (or worse… a jerk), you’re in trouble! My strategy, call back and get someone else.

If that doesn’t work, I have a better strategy for you…

#2 – If All Else Fails – Get It Removed (Nuke It!)

What I am going to tell you is one of the most powerful strategies I can reveal to you about how to fix your credit fast. It is what I personally used to get my credit score where it is today from a 418, and I did it pretty darn fast once I figured this trick out.

Here is the deal – when it comes to the credit bureaus, the law is on our side. You see there is a law on the books that says that if someone requests proof of anything on their credit report (address, late payment, etc.) the credit bureaus have 30 days to provide that proof, or it gets removed – simple as that!

Now, this works really well because most of the time these big agencies do not have the time to track down some random credit card company you got a credit card from 3 years ago and get the proof that you didn’t pay them on time… instead, they just remove the late notice.

Maybe some of you have “read between the lines” here and realized that this strategy works with literally anything – charge-offs, repossessed vehicles, you name it.

The way to do this is with a dispute letter… I explain how to do this and give you a free letter to use in my free course (see below).

#3 – Pay Down Debt

If you don’t have anything too horrible on your credit report, one thing you need to be really aware of is how much of a credit limit you have compared to how much of a balance you are carrying.

The idea here is you want your current balance to stay below about 30% of the max for that line of credit. For example, if you have a credit card with a $1,000 limit on it, you don’t want to carry any more than about $300 on it for any period of time. Keep it paid down and your credit scores will thank you.

Another tip I give my clients is, if you have maxed out credit cards and any kind of money in the bank, you’d be better off paying down that 10%-20% credit card than saving that money at 3% in the bank… make sense? This kind of strategy keep your credit scores high, and your credit cards low – and if the “stuff” hits the fan, you still have the empty balance on that credit card to use in an emergency.

Those are 3 of my many strategies to get your credit scores high and keep them there. If you liked those strategies and want to learn more, as well as get sample credit dispute letters, please sign up for my 7 Day Credit Repair Boot Camp – It is totally FREE, and will help you get your credit scores back on track in no time!

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