How To Get Your Credit Score Up 191 Points in 69 days!

All I can say is, “Wow!”.

I mean, I know we are good and I know we know what we are doing but painfully, rarely do people actually take the advice they pay for and back it with action.

This is the exception to that rule.

What am I talking about?


We put together a credit restoration website last year, Urgent Credit Repair, for our clients to help ensure that they received legitimate information as it relates to credit restoration, the laws affecting credit repair, the documents necessary and the procedures you need to use to get fast results.

Sounds like the typical fast talking sales pitch, right?

I know, I know.

Nothing I can do about that. I can’t help it if it is actually true.

Anyway, getting back to the story, one of our valued clients (Sarah), enrolled in Credit Repair College and began working on restoring her credit. When she began, she had 32 derogatory items on her credit report. 32!!!

Talk about feeling overwhelmed and without hope!

Long story short, she followed exactly what she was instructed to do, used the letters we provided and asked questions as necessary.

The results?

Well, the results, they speak for themselves.

In 69 days she was able to increase her Experian credit score by 191 points!!!  (see documented proof below)

At this rate I estimate another 60 days and my credit woes will be eliminated. Thank you for being a seller of truth and not a seller of promises. Again I can truly say I am better to have known you. ~Sarah

Oh yeah, and, she LEGALLY ELIMINATED 26 out of the 32 derogatory items on her credit report. (She is waiting on responses on the last 6 so she isn’t done yet and her scores will likely go even higher!).

If all that wasn’t enough, because of the procedure she followed, she now no longer legally owes ANY of the debt associated with those 26 accounts saving her more than ten thousand dollars in debt, interest and late fees. It also saved her years of additional expense in debt and heartache because she will no longer be judged for those derogatory accounts every time she applies for a credit card or loan, applies for a job, gets cell phone or utilities service, etc.

How much has this cost her?

Thus far, $37 X 2 months. Imagine saving more than $10,000 and years of shame and added expense by simply acquiring the correct knowledge and applying it for $74.

Honestly, I was amazed at her amazingly fast progress (not that I should be because I have done it personally for myself in past years but most people have zero follow through or commitment). When I asked her what her secret to such fast success was, she merely replied, “Vincent, every time you told me to do something and assigned me a task, I completed the task within 48 hours.”

That’s it!

Amazing how that works.

She sought out and paid for good advice, took the advice and then put fast action behind it.

The results simply speak for themselves. See the screenshots below and Sarah’s personal comments on her experience.

Now, the difference here was that Sarah, as one of our Finance The Dream clients, had direct access to me. I personally shot a video for her of her credit report instructing her as to exactly what she needed to do and then directed her to the appropriate documents and letters. When she received responses, she immediately let me know so I could advise her on the next step. And she promised to provide a testimonial of her success.

Wish you could experience the same level of service and attack your credit report?

See Sarah’s Score Change Here:

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