Credit Repair FAQ

Can I start a new credit file instead of repairing my personal credit score?

Unfortunately, that’s not possible because your credit report is connected to your social security number, and it is illegal to get a new social security number. As you will always have the same social security number it just isn’t possible to start your credit report over. So, either your credit report has to be repaired or you will need to wait many years for any negative information to automatically be dropped from your personal credit report.

Is repairing my credit so that I can get a home loan something that I can do myself?

The short answer is, yes. However, remember, it took me years to educate myself in order to understand, and successfully navigate what can be a daunting and complex process to a layperson. Employing the services of professional experts like Urgent Credit Repair is far easier, quicker, and an all-around more effective means by which to repair your credit score in order for you to get a home loan.

Is having you repair my personal credit score so that I can get a home loan legal?

a) Information stored by credit reporting agencies is legal although the government has mandated that you have the right to have any incorrect or obsolete information removed. The credit reporting agencies must remove or correct any information that they are unable to validate as being a matter of fact rather than opinion. Whether or not an item on your report is true is irrelevant. What matters is that the credit reporting agencies must supply evidence that proves that all of the information on your credit report are facts. If they cannot prove them to be factual then they must remove them from your credit file.

b) The Federal Trade Commission now regulates credit-reporting agencies under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. The Credit Repair Organizations Act regulates credit repair companies like ours. These laws ensure that repairing your credit so that you can get a mortgage is legal.

Do I need to pay the balance on negative items on my credit report?

No, you do not as this will not help your personal credit score. Once you have negative credit items on your credit report they will stay there whether you pay them off or not. Paying off negative credit items will not improve the negative information that appears on your credit report. Therefore, as far as your credit score is concerned, there is no reason to pay off an old debt.

Will the negative information reappear on my credit report?

When negative information is found to be on your credit report in error, then it will rarely reappear on your credit report once we have successfully disputed the claim. In the event that this does happen to you in error, the credit-reporting agency is required by law to notify you that this has happened.

Is information verified before it is added to my credit report?

a) No, the credit reporting agencies are under no obligation to see if the information is correct before they list it on your credit report. If a company tells them that this information about you is true, then they will add it to your report. However, if you or we dispute the validity of that information then they must ask for proof that the information is true and factual.

b) It has been proven that errors happen on credit reports more often than the credit reporting agencies like to admit. There are numerous ways erroneous information can end up on a person’s credit report without their permission or knowledge. That’s why it is vitally important to have your credit report checked every year and repaired when required.

Is repairing my credit so that I can get a home loan something that I can do myself?

The short answer is, yes. However, remember, it took me years to educate myself in order to understand, and successfully navigate what can be a daunting and complex process to a layperson. Employing the services of professional experts like Urgent Credit Repair is far easier, quicker, and an all-around more effective means by which to repair your credit score in order for you to get a home loan.

How does credit repair work?

a) Almost 80% of files with the credit reporting agencies contain errors and misinformation. When the information is contested, the credit reporting agency must remove it until they can verify it to be factual, and to be within the statute of limitations.

b) The credit reporting agencies are understaffed and don’t have the resources to follow through with proving an item is factual. Therefore, if they cannot provide factual evidence, they will be forced to remove that item from your credit report.

Does accurate information have to stay on my credit report for seven years?

The law does not specify a specific length of time for accurate information to be on your credit report but does require that it be removed after seven years. However, a credit-reporting agency can remove information after any length of time it chooses, as long as it is less than the federally mandated maximum amount of time stipulated, i.e. within seven years.

What if the credit reporting agency doesn’t respond?

a) By law, credit-reporting agencies have to complete their investigation into false credit information allegations within 40 days. They will follow up on your claim of inaccurate information with the company that reported it. The agency then has ten business days to inform you of the outcome of the inquiry.

b) The law states that if the company that originally reported this false information about you never responds to the credit reporting agency’s request then that information has to be removed from your credit report.

About Our Company

How do I keep track of how my credit repair disputes are progressing?

a) The three largest credit reporting agencies (TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax) will send you regular reports as they make changes to your credit report. You will receive reports that list the negative items that have been removed, and acknowledgments that items have been challenged, etc.

b) You can log into your account online at to receive updates. You can send us your questions and upload your documents to our secure server in your private customer portal when required. You will receive your unique client portal login information when you sign up.

How soon will I see real results after hiring you to repair my credit score?

a) It varies from person to person. The credit reporting agencies can take up to 45 days to respond, although they usually respond sooner than that. Some people have very complicated credit issues to resolve which can be quite time-consuming. In more complex cases credit repair can take up to six months. Most people have minor issues that are relatively easy to resolve and therefore results can be seen very quickly.

b) If you don’t have any good credit information on your credit report then some credit building will need to be done. Removing bad credit information isn’t the only part of repairing credit. Your credit score is also based on how many positive credit items you have on your credit report.

c) Each of the credit reporting agencies will have different credit information about you. Some companies that report on your credit use only one credit-reporting agency. So, one agency will have information that others do not have. It takes time to get the negative issues resolved with all three agencies.

d) Remember, whatever your personal circumstances, you’re covered by our NO RISK FULL REFUND 100 DAY WARRANTY.

Should I get a copy of my credit report before I contact you for my free, no-obligation consultation?

No, this isn’t necessary. When you sign up for our credit repair service we will assist you in obtaining a copy of your credit report from the three major credit-reporting agencies; Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion). We’ll then start the process of repairing your credit score so that you can get a home loan.

What are my responsibilities once I hire you to repair my credit score?

a) While going through our credit repair program please ensure that your account is up to date by paying our $99 monthly maintenance fee on time.

b) After the initial sign up, you will receive progress reports from the credit reporting agencies. You will need to forward those reports to us when you receive them in order to keep the process moving forward smoothly.

Who do I contact at Urgent Credit Repair if I have a question?

You will be provided with private login information and a secure portal on our website to access your account. You can send and receive messages to and from your Urgent Credit Repair representative via your account. We normally respond to questions within 24 hours, although it can take up to 48 hours during busy periods.

Why should I contact Urgent Credit Repair today?

a) Serious errors on credit reports or false reporting on delinquencies affect consumers on almost a third of all credit reports.
b) Positive credit reporting was missing on mortgage payments, major credit purchases, and loans on over 40% of credit reports, leaving the consumer’s credit score artificially and unfairly low.
c) Important address information was missing or wrong on more than 40% of all credit reports.
d) Incorrect listings of “closed by credit grantor” were listed on one in four credit reports when they should have been listed as “closed by the consumer.”
e) Overall, errors and mistakes were found on 70% of all credit reports.
f) Without improving your credit score you will not be able to get a home loan.
g) You’ll benefit from our NO RISK FULL REFUND 100 DAY WARRANTY.

Will I get the home loan that I want after you repair my credit?

Your credit score will definitely be better after using our credit repair service. That’s why we offer our new clients our NO RISK FULL REFUND 100 DAY WARRANTY. Whether you will get a specific home loan afterward depends on many factors. Your credit score is only one part of the evaluation process. You will also need to prove that you have enough disposable income to service the loan, good credit history for the prior year, have a job for a minimum amount of time, and have the required down payment. Some creditors also require that you have lived at your current address for two years or another minimum length of time. Each creditor has its own criteria that you need to meet, however, without a good credit score your chances of securing a home loan are almost impossible. So, to secure a home loan, the first step requires you to improve your credit score.

Affiliate Program

1. Some credit repair companies have a bad reputation – how are you different?

a) We don’t engage in illegal advertising or make false claims like ‘Clean Your Credit in 60 days’ or ‘Guaranteed Results’.

b) By becoming affiliated, our service to you is free, legal, and ethical, plus, clients are only ever set realistic expectations.

c) The majority of disinformation is spread by the credit bureaus because it costs them money to investigate client claims.

d) We specialize in helping people repair their credit scores so that they can qualify for a mortgage. That’s our motivation.

e) Realising the value of our expertise, many referrals come to us after they have tried and failed to repair their own credit.

2. Can you tell me why I should become an affiliate, and refer people to you?

a) With a deletion rate of 76%, between 7 and 8 out of every 10 accounts that we dispute is successfully removed.

b) Our performance is outstanding compared to the national average deletion rate, which varies between 20 – 35%.

c) In other words, our performance levels range between more than double, and almost four times the US average.

d) All referrals automatically qualify for a full, no-hassle refund with our guaranteed NO RISK 100 DAY WARRANTY.

e) As we’re good at credit repair, we’ll turn your referrals into eligible people with whom you can close home loans.

3. How will my referrals and I keep track of how their credit score is progressing?

a) Affiliates get any time, 24/7 login access to our secure private online portal to make referrals, and track progress.

b) Use our portal to search clients, export referral lists, and download marketing materials to send to your affiliates.

c) Our technology enables you to do what you do best, rather than being inundated with calls requesting updates.

d) Your referrals will get 24/7 access to the same portal, and we’ll send them and you a free monthly status report.

e) The portal is designed to streamline all processes, is user-friendly, and is included for free as part of our service.