Credit Repair Tips

Fixing Your Credit Score

Fixing your credit score isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon, but if you’re patient and motivated, you will soon find your credit score steadily rising.

As your first step toward fixing your credit should be to seek out a complete picture of your credit by looking at your three credit reports. This can be done by going to Now, look over and print each report carefully, looking for incorrect information. Each credit report should have information on how to dispute things that don’t belong on your report, and more people have costly mistakes on their report than they know.

First, if you’re in credit card debt, you must stop making purchases with your cards. Cut them up, freeze them in a block of water, or give them to someone you trust, just get them out of your wallet. You can’t climb out of a hole if you keep digging yourself deeper into it! This isn’t, however, the time to close your credit cards. Your credit score considers your total credit available against the credit you are using, so cards (that you already have!) with low or no balance on them are your friend.

While you may be tempted to pay off the collections agencies that might be harassing you, the most important step for you to take with your money right now is to pay your bills on time. Bringing your bills up to current and continuing to pay them on time is your key to fixing your credit. Any bill that has gone to collections should be paid after this is handled, because even once you settle your debt, that mark will remain on your credit reports for years. If you frequently forget to pay your bills, talk to your bank about setting up automatic, recurring payments for your monthly bills. This should also save you stamps!

If you have need to open a new credit card, like a loan or a credit card, be sure to do your shopping for these services within a set week or two and don’t drag it out over a period of time. This lets the credit bureaus know that all the inquiries that took place at this time were for the same reason, not a chronic and sustained need for new credit.

From here on out, it’s just a matter of keeping up your desire to come out ahead. It takes discipline and desire to really change your habits, but the rewards of better credit are significant for your bottom line and for your quality of life.

Credit Repair Reviews

Looking for credit repair reviews?

When your credit score goes downhill, bringing it up can be a pretty daunting experience. Whether the problem was caused from a lack of income, health or medical bills, or even bad stock investments, one can learn to improve that score from just a few simple tasks. Your credit history can sometimes include incorrect and erroneous entries, most of which could be giving you a false credit score. Know beforehand that is an item is “questionable” and cannot be verified, it must be removed from your credit report. One such task, a very important one, is to get a credit repair review. “Credit repair” means the legal work, strategy, and methods that credit review companies use to challenge questionable negative credit listings that are inaccurate, misleading, unverifiable, untimely, biased, or incomplete.

Having someone guide you through the process of reviewing your credit report can be a tremendous help. Going to an expert who knows what to look for and how to fix it can do wonders for your credit report and score. These experts, once a review is done, can set you up with a financial plan that effective and, more importantly, legal. Most credit repair companies create programs to help you clean up your credit history, settle any outstanding debts you may have, and help you establish new lines of positive credit. Two things to look for in a good credit repair company would be past experience, such as years in the industry and customer reviews, and services backed with satisfaction guarantee, including refunds should the service not live up to the company’s own policy and promise.

The top five review companies in the market include Lexington Law, Sky Blue, DSI Solutions, MSI Credit Solutions, and Ovation Credit Services. The history, experience, and price range for each company, but the results average the same. Customers have rated the companies from an 8.2 to a 9.1 on a 10-point scale. Lexington Law has 20 years of experience and offers a free consultation. Sky Blue offers a 100% money back guarantee if a client is unsatisfied as well as a low-cost setup fee. DSI Solutions eliminates a step for the client by attaining their credit report for them and the company has a one-time fee instead of monthly charges. MSI Credit Solutions customizes a plan for each client while basing their rate on the free consultation. Ovation Credit Serves offers a no-risk refund policy and provides extensive information on the process and techniques of the credit repair process.

Whether you seek to repair your credit or give yourself a higher score, the goal should be the same result: a better life with better choices. When you have nowhere to go but up, why not take a chance and get the help you need?